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MySQL Training Kolkata

Course Outline

Features and Benefits of MySQL
MySQL Architecture
Install and Start MySQL

Database Basics
Data Types
What is NULL?
SQL Language

Database Creation
Creating a Database
Creating a Table

Basic Queries
The SELECT Command
MySQL Query Browser

Delete/Modify Table row Data
The INSERT Command
The REPLACE Command
The UPDATE Statement
The DELETE Command

Simple Functions
Grouping With Functions

Joining Tables
Combining Multiple Tables
Inner Joins
Outer Joins

Sub queries
What is a Sub query?
Categories of Sub queries
Sub query Uses

Exporting/Importing Data
Exporting Data
Importing Data

Database Maintenance
Delete an Entire Database
Maintaining Tables and Columns
Indexes and Constraints
Data Manipulation

Course Fee

• One time fee: Rs.2000
• Installment fee: Rs.2400 (Rs.1200 each in 2 installments)

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