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Core Java Training

Topics which will be covered and the number of classes which will be required to do the same are stated in the table below.

CORE JAVA: Contents at a Glance

■Why Java?
■Features of Java Language.
■JVM –The heart of Java
■Java’s Magic Bytecode

OOPs Concept
■Class Fundamentals.
■Object & Object reference
■Object Life time & Garbage Collection.
■Constructor & initialization code block.
■Access Control, Modifiers, methods
■Abstract Class & Interfaces
■Defining Methods, Argument Passing Mechanism
■Method Overloading, Recursion.
■Dealing with Static Members. Finalize () Method.
■Use of “this” reference.

Array and String
■Defining an Array
■Initializing & Accessing Array
■Multi –Dimensional Array
■Operation on String
■Mutable & Immutable String Tokenizing a String
■Creating Strings using StringBuffer

JAVA Concept
■Interface & Abstract class
■Exception Handling
■Collections – HashTable, List, ArrayList, HasMap

Course Fee

• Rs.3000 (Rs.1600 each in 2 installments)

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