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HTML Training Courses

HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup language.This course is for every one who wants to know how HTML is used to develop static web pages for the World Wide Web(WWW).

HTML Course Outline:

* Explain the structure of a simple HTML page
* The current standard
* Using Cascading Style Sheets
* Structuring your HTML
* Apply HTML tags for overall page structure
* Build ordered and unordered lists in a simple HTML page
* use Image tag in a simple HTML page
* Creating links
* Relative and absolute links
* Links to other documents on the Web
* Building a Static Web Site

After completing this course, you have a clear idea of HTML. Now You will be able to create static web sites.

Course Fee

• One time fee: Rs.700
• Installment fee: Rs.800 (Rs.400 each in 2 installments)

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