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Data Structure Training

Data structure is a structure by which we can manipulate the data or information in a systematic way in a less time. Computer is a machine with full of information. Data structure is needed to control huge amount of data. The students from Computer Science, Information Technologies, and Computer Applications need to know about the data structure. We have different way to teach you data structure with the experienced faculty of computer science.

Here is the course structure:

Basic of data structure

• Concept and implementation.
• Different data types.
• Data structure and C.


• Arrays in C.
• One dimensional array.
• Two dimensional arrays.
• Arrays as parameter.
• Multi dimensional arrays.

Linked list

• Single linked list.
• Double linked list.
• Circular linked list.
• Operation implementation in C (insert, update delete).

Stack and Queue

• Basic operation of stack in C.
• Postfix, Prefix, Infix operation with stack.
• Stack overflow, underflow.
• Stack with linked list.
• Basic operation of queue in C.
• Queue with linked list.
• Priority queue


• Fibonacci series, factorial, Binary search with recursion in C.
• The towers of Hanoi problem.

Sorting and searching algorithm

• Different type of sort and implementation in C.
• Different types of search and implementation in C.
• Big O notation.
• Complexity.
• Hashing


• Different types of trees.
• Definition.
• Graphs introduction.

Here is the above structure of our course that we will provide for you. Many things will be vastly discussed in the time of taking class. Your concept will be clear with 100% guarantee. Without clear concept of data structure no can develop a good software and
good web application or site. We helps to students to make their concept clear.

Course Fee : Rs.1500

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